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Job ID #08_2022-ARG (CLOSED)


Job Title: Senior Design Thinking Engineer, with a focus on Sustainability, Process Improvement and Socio-Environmental license. (environmental or industrial)


Job Proposal: develop and identify customer processes with the possibility of improvement. Determine stakeholders. Goals and Scope. Set the first analysis draft. High level of creativity and empathy. autonomy. planning. possibility of growth.


Senior Professional: Environmental Engineer, Safety and Health Engineer and/or Industrial Engineer 


Engineer Experience: minimum 5 years in environmental issues; a minimum of 2 years in SHE. Internal or external consulting.


Industries: energy, agriculture, food, mining or mass consumption factories.


Skills: leadership, interpersonal relations and multilingual.


Experience: management systems, auditing in industrial plants, management of multilateral credit organizations and project management (PMI).


Location: Remote work. CABA or GBA Argentina.


Age: +32 years


Language: Spanish, English and Portuguese.